Bought a motorcycle

Hi there – Long time, no see!

As my previous post, this might not be interesting to everyone, but here goes… I recently passed and received my motorcycle license! :D

I’ve been wanting to get my motorcycle license for a very long time, but when I lived with my parents they always told me: “If you get piercings, tattoos, or motorcycles, you’ll get kicked out!” – this kind of stuck with me, but now I finally got it!

After getting my license I was determined to get a motorcycle imidiately in order to get more experience riding and to have a building project.

I looked at a lot of different bikes – both newer and older bikes, but through a Facebook-group I found a rather good deal; a Honda CB 650 from 1981 (or probably more likely 1979).

Honda CB 650 from 1981
Honda CB 650 from 1981

The bike is not in mint condition but that quite okay – As I mentioned, I wanted a building project.

My plan is to separate the project into different steps in order to gradually learn more about motorcycles – Currently I know nothing! :D

Here is the current plan:

Step 1

  • Replace bent front brake lever
  • New throttle
  • New handles
  • New switches on the handlebar

Step 2

  • New clutch lever and perch
  • New front master brake cylinder
  • New handlebar
  • New speedometer
  • New headlight

Step 3

  • Rebuild bike frame
  • Frame paint job
  • New seat
  • New tail light
  • New licens plate light
  • New turn signals

Step 4

  • Fuel tank paint job
  • Rims paint job

I might change this plan continuously, but this weekend I’m planning to complete “Step 1”.

Please let me know if you got any good names for my bike or any tips/tricks for my project.

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